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SkywingOUT commands new to MSN Messenger


A message box pops up with the following text:

To continue using MSN Messenger, please read and accept the .NET Messenger Service Terms of Use and Notices.

Please read and accept the Terms of Use, then sign in to Messenger.

Click OK to view the Terms of Use.

After receiving this command/parameter, the client immediately closes the socket without sending any more data.

Ironically, clicking on OK brings you to a not-found error page.

For the curious, the address it requests the ToU from is:

This URI is hardcoded into the client and is not requested via the URL command.


I'm not sure which LCID function returns the value for Plcid and CLCID.  Possibilities are GetUserDefaultLCID and GetSystemDefaultLCID.

Presumably GetLocaleInfo gets country name and number information.

Currently, after following 4 redirects, the ToU link puts you at an error page.


The client ignores this message and continues operating as normal.
Actually, it resets an internal error code to 0 (this error code is set to a
nonzero value if the client receives an OUT message, typically).

If any other OUT parameter is received, the client aborts the connection without a message box.

Consipciuously absent from MSN Messenger is handling for "OUT SSD".  Note that because of the above rule, the client will still disconnect if this is received; it just won't tell you that it disconnected because of a server shutdown.

Unknown commands:
SBP - Received, format unknown, function unknown.


Additional information for those wanting to do their own research:

The function for handling a received NS message is:
.text:005C6AE9 OnReceivedMessage proc near

At the start of the function, [esp+8] is a pointer to a null terminated string that is the current command to process (including all parameeters).
October 25, 2003, 12:27 AM
B3Nalso when i signed in with my msn client and then signed in with the offical client, using the same passport, i was sent "OUT TOU" and then discountected! WinkMarch 17, 2004, 05:46 AM
SkywingInteresting.  I've never seen OUT with that parameter "in the wild".  Can you reproduce it?March 17, 2004, 09:26 AM