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rrobinI'm probable allowed to ask stupid questions due to being new here. I am trying to build messengersupport info a webpage (customerservice requests from a page should be redirected to my buisiness-msn).

Found an interesting option in the SkyWing dll, but there is only a copyright notice, no information on redistribution rights. It's provided "as is", but does this imply that I can use the library in a (commercial?) application without violating some rights? Haven't even found a GNU license, and this would be exactly what I need  Grin

If anyone has other suggestions regarding freeware Messenger clients that can be either implemented through ISAPI/CGI or a Delphi component, I'd be more than interested in hearing about this. Several internetsearches revealed mostly commercial and instable freeware/pd versions.

Any hints appreciated!  Cool
June 29, 2005, 09:03 PM