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DarkVirusSo rule doesn't believe that I'm really the 'real' DV in the IRC room... Silly rule never did trust most of us. *sigh*...

[20:19] rule: is there some way you can prove its you?
[20:19] DarkVirus: that it's me as in the real dv?
[20:19] DarkVirus: heh
[20:19] DarkVirus: how should I prove it?
[20:19] rule: yes Tongue
[20:19] rule: well.. describe our last makeout session
[20:19] DarkVirus: ewww
[20:19] DarkVirus: hehe
[20:20] rule: lol
[20:20] DarkVirus: I never remember making out with you Tongue
[20:20] rule: obviously not the real DV Wink
[20:20] DarkVirus: if you're serious you can ask me anything the 'real' DV would know
[20:20] rule: well, think of a conversation we've had
[20:20] DarkVirus: we've had many
[20:20] DarkVirus: Tongue
[20:21] rule: something specific that I'd remember
[20:21] DarkVirus: uhhh
[20:22] DarkVirus: you're questioning my legit state, maybe YOU should ask ME the question Smiley
[20:22] rule: lol, I'm having trouble remembering specifics of our conversations.. I think we've talked about video games
[20:23] DarkVirus: i forget what we talked about too  heh
[20:23] DarkVirus: we haven't talked in a long time
[20:23] DarkVirus: I also haven't been on in quite a few months due to school... but I guess that doesn't help you feel 'safe' around me
[20:23] DarkVirus: Smiley
[20:23] DarkVirus: you could always email my vL address
[20:23] rule: lol, if you want ops you should talk to tehuser
[20:23] DarkVirus: ok
[20:23] rule: or make a post
[20:24] DarkVirus: a post where?
[20:24] DarkVirus: on the forum>
[20:24] DarkVirus: >
[20:24] rule: on the forum
[20:24] DarkVirus: ?
[20:24] DarkVirus: ok brb
[20:24] rule: I'd include your hostname and some info
[20:24] DarkVirus: duh?
[20:24] DarkVirus: Tongue
[20:25] rule: ok, just incase Smiley
May 24, 2005, 07:26 PM