ESMap – Calls from OCSO

The call feed for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office has not had any data since early in the morning on 8/22. I’m not sure if they’re doing maintenance or changing something around, but calls from them will not be available until their feed resumes.

ESMap – Calls from FHP

I just realized that calls from the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) have not been coming in since November. This was due to the “dispatch center” field in their data changing, and has been fixed.

When I get around to rewriting the backend, hopefully I will be alerted to these kinds of disruptions more quickly.

ESMap – Calls from OCSO

UPDATE (2022-07-29): It turns out they were just blocking requests from Python’s user agent and calls from OCSO should be coming through again.

On July 3, the website for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office began rejecting connections from my server. I’m not entirely sure why (maybe the Canada thing again?) but calls from this source will be unavailable until connections are accepted again.

In the meantime, I am working towards moving the server to a different host in a different location, which may or may not help the problem. I have no ETA on this process though as I’m quite busy with work.

ESMap – New Call Sources

Last night I finally finished writing a script to decrypt and grab the incident information from This opens up several new fire/EMS agencies:

  • Orlando Fire Department (OFD)
  • Orange County Fire Rescue (OCFR)
  • Winter Park Fire Rescue (WPFR)

Calls from these agencies should now start showing up on the live map and call lists. If there are any other agencies in Orange County that you find on PulsePoint that are not currently on the tracker, let me know and I can add them (contact info at the bottom of the page).

For residents outside Orange County FL, the PulsePoint website has call information for dozens of agencies around the country and many others in Florida. If you live in an area covered by one of these you can use their website to get a live map and the associated information. I have no intention at the present time to add these to the ESMap tracker.

ESMap – Calls from OCFR

UPDATE: This has been resolved, see the update.

As of April 2019, the Orange County Fire Rescue has moved their call reporting to PulsePoint. Due to the different nature in how calls and locations are reported on that service I have yet to update to support this. Once I think of a reasonable solution for it I’ll update and that will add a few new reporting agencies, including the Orlando Fire Department and Winter Park Fire Rescue.

ESMap – Calls from OPD

Since around the end of October 2018, the website for the City of Orlando was blocking visitors from Canadian IP addresses. The server that hosts the ESMap program is located in Canada, so call information from the Orlando Police Department (OPD) was unable to be retrieved.

As of December 27th 2018 this appears to be resolved on their end.

I’ve also noticed that call closing times are being reported in UTC instead of EST and I will be looking into that issue. This has been fixed.

Server Migration

Over the past few days I’ve slowly been migrating all of my web hosting from Namecheap’s shared hosting to a self-managed server with Vultr. I decided to do this mostly to have more direct control over the environment, but also because Namecheap doesn’t offer free SSL certificates, or a way to use a LetsEncrypt certificate with their shared hosting… so I save a little money and gain some additional flexibility.

There may have been some minor hiccups over the last few days but hopefully now that everything is done being setup it should be back to business as usual. If you find something that isn’t working please let me know by sending me a message on Twitter or by email (links at the bottom of the page).

I also added a navigation menu so it’s easier to find some things around here!